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Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution and Litigation &
Business and Transactional Law

The Greater Pacific Law Office practices in a range of issues within the general scope of:

  1. Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  2. Commercial Transactions and Business Law

Our emphasis on both resolving existing disputes and preventing legal liabilities allows for a dynamic legal practice were each section blends to support and reinforce the other.

  • Our Dispute Resolution and Litigation practice also offers added insight on transactional issues, allowing us to structure business transactions and draft documents that are not only legally compliant, but also offer tactical advantages if ever called upon in a court of law to protect our client’s interests.
  • Our Business and Transactional practice allows for deeper insights on the origins of disputed issues, while providing an innate focus on finding solutions that not only comply with the law, but also address practical business needs.

Please contact us to arrange for a consultation for a no cost and no obligation review of your legal issue. To better accommodate your schedule, we offer weekend and evening appointments, and are available for face to face, telephone, and internet video meetings.

David R. Squeri, III
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